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Welcome to Translate Partners

We offer cost-effective language services from a team of multilingual professional translators who are native in source and target language to deliver high quality translations, every time.

Our Main Areas


Clinical Trial Documentation, Informed Consent Forms, Inserts, Packaging, Labeling, Regulatory Compliance, Manufacturing and Cleaning Process Protocols, and more

life Sciences

Medical Journal Articles, Medical Case Studies, Medical Research, Patient Medical Reports, Healthcare, Medical Device User Manuals, Patient Medical Histories, and more


Government Legislation and Regulations, Lawsuit Litigation, Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Disclaimers, Incorporations, Certificates, and more


Machine operation manuals, Maintenance Instructions, Industrial Machinery Specifications, Plant blueprints, Manufacturing Process Guidelines, and more

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas
Drilling Operation Management, Exploitation Contracts, Personnel Mobilization Guidelines, Drilling Machinery, Sea Water Injection Pipelines and Facilities, and more.

IT and Telecom

IT and Telecom
Website, Software and App Localization, Hardware Specifications and User Manuals, Carrier Service Agreements, Mobile Network Infrastructure, and more.

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