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Software and Apps Localization

Localize your Apps and Reach More Users

Get your software and App developments localized into Spanish or English by our expert team of professional linguists, native in source and target languages, and significantly increase your user count. Together, the Spanish and English language markets often account for more software and App downloads than all other Western languages combined.

Any App, Any Platform

Whether you develop your software or App for Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, iOS or Android operating systems, Translate Partners has the localization services to help you reach millions of users in their own home languages.

From an Apple App Store or Google Market Place App description and App name localization to an App test run on target devices, your localized software or App will have the same look and feel as your original development in its source language, either English or Spanish.

Tested by Native Speakers

Our multicultural team of linguists that are native in source and target languages will test your software and Apps on your intended platforms to make sure that the target text adjusts to specific dimension constrains while keeping the original layout intact, and aplying the same look and feel designed to provide a superior user experience. Increase the number of foreign users by offering user friendly software and Apps in both English and Spanish.

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