Audio and Video Transcription in English and Spanish

Transcription of Audio and Video

Whether you need your marketing research sessions, your Human Resources interviews, your company's Board meetings, or even your local or foreign competitors' corporate videos transcribed, we have the right transcribers for the job. Our professional linguists, who are native in English and Spanish, deliver the highest quality audio and video transcription services.

Transcription Services for All Your Needs

We offer high quality transcription services for all your specific needs, covering many different areas as diverse as business, market research, medical and health care, legal, academic, journalism, insurance, conference, among other transcription areas, working on both audio and video media.

Whichever type of transcription service you may require, whether in English or Spanish, your audio and video files are handled by our team of native transcribers, who excell in your specific transcription field, providing a unique cultural approach that only native speakers can offer.

Your Online Media Transcribed

Media is usually transcribed with the purpose of creating video captions or audio scripts. A time-coded video caption file in a video's original language can alternatively be translated into your desired target language, whether Spanish or English, to automatically create a foreign language subtitle file for your video, helping you reach a much larger audience, and allowing your video's audio script, in both source and target language, to be indexed by all major search engines on the net.

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