Subtitling & Captioning

Subtitling and Captioning in English and Spanish

Subtitles for Your Online Videos

Video subtitling and captioning can help you reach larger audiences for your products and services, increasing your potential revenue through a cost-effective marketing strategy that is not only simple and easy to implement, but also your first step towards landing on your target market. Improve your online presence through multilingual media with subtitles and captions.

Embedded Subtitles and Subtitle Files

Our work methodology allows us to provide source language timecoded video scripts that are then translated into your target language. These source and target timecoded video scripts are then converted into subtitle files of the format of your choice, being the .srt format the most popular subtitle file format. From here on, your subtitles can be visualized as a separate subtitle file that is loaded to you video player at the time your video is played, or they can be optionally embedded into your video footage, where no additional subtitle file is required to visualize your hardcoded subtitles. In the latter case, the enbedded subtitles become part of your video and, therefore, their content cannot be indexed by search engines. On the other hand, independent subtitle files, such as the .srt subtitle files used for YouTube videos, will be indexed as organic content, giving you the chance for your media to be found on target languange search engines.

Get your Video Subtitles Indexed by Google

Your video subtitles and captions are not only convenient for your foreign audience, but they also improve your online visibility, since subtitles and captions are indexed by Google, the biggest search engine on the Internet. This means that your video subtitles and captions will rank as organic content on your target foreign markets' local search engine results.

Multilingual media can offer a great user experience when your video scripts are translated and localized by a team of professional translators who are native in source and target languages. Our unique cultural insight and combined expertise allow us to deliver the best possible results, providing scrips and time-coded subtitle files that adjust to industry standards , as well as client-specific line and character length constrains.

Social Media that Speaks for Itself

Media-rich websites are ranked higher in search engine results. Subtitling is a great cost-efficient alternative for replicating your home language videos in your target foreign markets. Ensure your corporate message is accurately broadcast to your target foreign audiences by working together with your Translate Partners who have the expertise, experience, language and cultural knowledge that make your media creations speak for themselves.

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